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POP Trail - Stop 1

What is the POP Trail? This Patch of Prairie Exploration Trail was established through a grant from the North Dakota Natural Resources Trust. The purpose of the trail is to allow visitors to get a glimpse into a native prairie ecosystem.

The 14 acres you see around you here has been seeded to mimic a diverse ND prairie - something that may have graced this area several hundred years ago. A walking path (≈4,400 ft) will be mowed during the growing season (and potentially groomed for snow shoeing during winter months) around the border of the acreage.

There is very little native grassland left in our area of the state and producers do not see the benefit of replacing it, even on small acreages. All ecosystems in ND are interconnected, and this area will be an amazing opportunity to help people from all around the region to understand those connections.

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