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ABOUT US - James River SCD

The District is an important asset to Dickey County because it provides many valuable services:


Trees: The most visible function of the District is to protect our County's landscape. Trees protect roads, cropland, farmsteads, water bodies, and urban areas. The District offers tree planting services at a low cost. They help find cost-share dollars so anyone who wants trees can get them, regardless of their financial situation.

Education: In 2021, the 6th and 7th Graders from the Oakes and Ellendale Public Schools attended an Ecology Education Tour (EcoEd for short). The students learned intensively about soils, water quality, wildlife, plants, and other natural resource science. The District also sponsors Stewardship Week for Dickey County churches, Keep ND Clean Poster Contest, and book donations for elementary students in Oakes, Ellendale and Maple River Schools.

The District also has an education coordinator who works extensively with the local schools to provide free natural resources education sessions to classes free of charge, based on teacher request.


Soil Conservation, Water Quality, Wildlife Habitat Improvement Practices:  The District is actively involved in the design and application of conservation practices that improve cropland, grazing land, forestland, and wildlife in Dickey County.