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Conservation Corner

Submitted by Tokina McHarry, James River SCD Education and Outreach Manager

Let’s start off this month’s column with some office personnel changes that have occurred the last few months in the Ellendale office. Ellie Kronberg is the new James River SCD business manager. She replaced Renee Schlosser. Ellie is excited to join our team and has a lot to offer with all that the Soil Conservation District has going on! Braedon Honetschlager has accepted a NRCS position in the Jamestown office. And two new faces have joined on the FSA side – Carissa Price and Loryn Lang!

Trees have arrived and planting will begin early May. The ground temperature must reach a certain degree before it is recommended for us to plant. Don’t be surprised to get a call about handplants if you have ordered them – we would like to get them out of our cooler as soon as possible. The District is excited to get trees in the ground early this year.

The James River SCD, in partnership with the National Association of Conservation Districts (NACD), is celebrating the 69th Annual Stewardship Week from April 28 – May 5, 2024. This year’s Stewardship Week theme is “May the Forest Be with You, Always.” The James River SCD is a member of the NACD, which oversees the annual Stewardship Week program, one of the largest national annual programs that promotes conservation. “Soil and water conservation are intimately intertwined with forest health,” said NACD President Kim LaFleur. “This year’s Stewardship Week recognizes the importance forests serve in the protection of soil and water resources, preventing erosion, purifying contaminants, and nurturing healthy watersheds.” The James River SCD was formed in an effort to assist the people of Dickey County with implementing conservation programs and promoting efforts that protect and improve natural resources.

The James River SCD staff will also be utilizing themed educational programs provided by the NACD in their youth programming throughout the summer and fall. It’s important recognize the value in the tree stands we have in our area – even though they may look different than a traditional forest. A tree is a home to wildlife and insects and still provides many of the environmental benefits – whether it’s a forest of 5,000 trees or a group of ten trees along a yard or field edge.

In today’s context, marked by environmental challenges, resilient forests are indispensable in fostering a sustainable world. The phrase “May the Forest Be with You, Always” signifies our commitment to responsible forest stewardship, emphasizing their enduring strength and adaptability.

This theme underscores the critical interplay between soil and water conservation and the resilience of our forests. Forests play multifaceted roles in sustaining our planet, serving as sources of oxygen, carbon storage, and vibrant hubs of biodiversity. They function as steadfast protectors of soil and water resources, preventing erosion, purifying contaminants, and nurturing healthy watersheds.


District Board Meeting May 8, 8 am - USDA Service Center, Ellendale 

ND State Envirothon, May 8-10 – Crystal Springs

Memorial Day, May 27 – Office Closed

For more information contact the James River Soil Conservation District and Ellendale NRCS office at 349-3653, ext. 3. Our field office is in Ellendale at 51 N. 1st Street. Also, remember to visit the James River Soil Conservation District Facebook page and our websites for more information – and The NRCS is an equal opportunity employer, provider and lender.

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