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POP Trail - Stop 9


Why does the prairie planting look like a mess?

Most prairie plants are perennials. Although perennial seeds will germinate the first year, the young seedlings' root growth will be two to three times their above-ground growth, and they may not flower until the second or third year. While this lack of visual growth can be frustrating, keep in mind that it is the strong root system of prairie perennials which enables them to be nearly maintenance-free at maturity.

During this early stage of growth, weeds will take advantage of the lack of above-ground vegetation and appear on thesite. To minimize the effects of tall weeds shading prai­rie seedlings and to prevent these weeds from set­ting seed, maintenance will include clipping, spot spraying and/or burning, and hand pulling. 

We are confident our diligence and patience will pay off!

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